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 Golf Digest "Top 100" Golf Club Fitter

Conquest Custom Golf - "Top 100" Club Fitter

Golf Digest Top 100 Best Club Fitters 2015, Conquest Custom Golf Professional Golf Club Fitting

Who is Conquest Custom Golf and Why Use Us?

Ethical Club Fitting/Straight Answers from a Pro!

Who is Conquest Custom Golf and Why Use Us?

Conquest Custom Golf is a formally trained, independent golf club fitting business.  I went through years of expensive schooling and mentor-ships to acquire the skills to be the best!  

I was recognized by Golf Digest as a "Top 100 Club Fitter" in 2011, 2012, 2013, 2014, 2015 and 2016, as well as being recognized from 2017 on!  I must be doing something right!  

If you want to know the difference between the club fitters and/or businesses listed in the first 2 years of the Top 100 list vs the last couple of years, feel free to email me and I can easily point it out!

A common question ..... should I try to dial in my swing before getting fitted?  Absolutely not!  Never try to perfect your swing with possibly ill fitted equipment.  You may be trying to change your swing to fit your equipment.  Not good!  

Shouldn't your equipment fit you and your unique swing and "then" fine tune your swing?  Getting fitted first is by far the optimal way to do it!  There are only one or two things, and it's really, really rare, that might possibly change in your swing, that might require new shafts, and I/we address this at the start of every fitting.  You know in advance!

 Conquest Custom Golf has access to many brands but does not "fit" for specific brands unless a golfers requests it.  I am a huge fan of Mizuno, Callaway, TaylorMade, and Tom Wishon, to name a few!  I however fit for specs and consistency, which leads to results.  The brand controls the cost, my fitting and professional assembly fees are the same regardless of the brand. 

If I put a white coat on, take a scalpel and remove say a cyst or tumor, am I a surgeon?  Of course not!  This is a good analogy representing the difference a professional fitter as myself and a retailer/range with a launch monitor.  Hitting many golf balls with a few different heads and shafts in 45 to 60 minutes, using the word "fitting" does NOT mean you have been fitted!  That's a demo day with a launch monitor!  Anyone can buy launch monitor and dress the part.

Golf Digest Top 100 Best Club Fitters 2011, Conquest Custom Golf Professional Golf Club Fitting

What makes Conquest Custom Golf Different?

Ethical Club Fitting/Straight Answers from a Pro!

Who is Conquest Custom Golf and Why Use Us?

Conquest Custom Golf is a smaller independent golf club fitting business where golfers get VERY personalized "hands on" service from a Top 100 Golf Club Fitter, that leads to results. 

There aren't really any poorly designed  heads and shafts on the market anymore, if purchased in the last 5 or 6 years, excluding cheap clones and knock offs of course, just equipment that doesn't fit your very individualistic swing.  I prove it daily/weekly!  As mentioned, I am huge of fan of Mizuno, Callaway, TaylorMade, and Tom Wishon, to name a few.

Over and above being fitted into an optimal head design and a properly performing (loading and unloading) shaft, "how" the club is built DOES matter, especially when it comes to "how" the shaft is installed.  Proper installation insures that the shaft bends same way every time!  Mass produced clubs does not even address this!

Swing weight matched irons, as an example, is over 95 yr old "technology".  Your 9 iron will require about 3.5% less energy to swing/move from Point A to Point B than say a 4 iron, yet the 9 iron weighs about 35 grams more (avg) than a 4 iron.  Now does that make sense to you?  I can make a set of irons display the same resistance (MOI Matched), usually within a quarter to a half a percent of each other.  If the newest technology scares you and you want swing weight matched, no problem, it's not "bad", MOI just offers something positive that swing weighting does not and MOI Matching does not cost anymore.  How is that not a good thing?

A big difference is the training I paid for and went through, close to two decades ago.  It consisted of many years of classes and regional mentor-ships, and I have stayed current, I am not working with 20 yr old ideas, and it has paid off!.  I did not attend an 8 hour class and then become a Certified "club fitter" overnight like you see so often at retailers/ranges.  Anyone can be taught how to operate a launch monitor or other "fitting cart tool", but you cannot learn "how" to fit a golfer, in 8 hrs!  Fitting a Tour Player is a lot easier than fitting an Amateur!  Feel free to ask why! 

Golf Digest Top 100 Best Club Fitters 2013, Conquest Custom Golf Professional Golf Club Fitting

Ethical Club Fitting/Straight Answers from a Pro!

Ethical Club Fitting/Straight Answers from a Pro!

Ethical Club Fitting/Straight Answers from a Pro!

See the TESTIMONIALS link above!  

On average, 20% of the golfers I fit, do not need new equipment (unless they want it of course)!  Their equipment is so close to optimized that new equipment will not yield any appreciable gains and I gladly point it out!  I will yield two new fittings/customers within 6 months to a year, from that golfer as I have proven my brutal honesty.  

Sometimes a "swing tweak" is all that's needed.  Most amateur golfers could use this anyway, myself included, so I send them off to see a Swing Professional.  Swing Pros (PGA Pros) are NOT Equipment Professionals like me!  They know the swing, I know equipment.  My job is to insure that your equipment is working "for you" vs "against you".  Golfers see it during the fitting, I show you "what" we are looking for, in advance.  We address in terms of specs, "what" makes the ball go further AND straighter vs the retail/range line of thinking where the "longest club wins" most of the time.  Sometimes the longest club at that moment in time is not best fit and I'll prove it!

The degree of improvement is largely influenced by how far off your existing equipment is, relative to your very unique swing.  When an amateur golfer's equipment is NOT performing optimally, it doesn't mean their equipment is "bad", it just means their equipment does not fit them physically, or their unique swing.  Sometimes I can use the existing head(s), but rarely if ever, the same shafts and grips.  My job is to dial all this in and I am very good at what I do!

The more your equipment is off in terms of specs and design, relative to you and your swing, the bigger the hero I look like.  The results after the fitting are much greater!  Using driver fittings as an example, I've had fittings where a golfer is much more accurate, loves the improved feel, but only a few yards longer.  My record however, are two golfers, both more accurate AND about 50 and 55 yards longer respectively, and it was immediate!  I do not fit and build "magic clubs", their old equipment was just that far off!  Never any pressure to buy equipment here!  The results speak for themselves.

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I can rarely answer the phone as I am either in a fitting, on the phone, or in the middle building clubs that I have fitted and my hands have epoxy or graphite dust on them, something, making picking up a phone in the middle of a build, a problem.  If calling, you MUST leave your name, phone number, along with the purpose of the call, if you want a return call.  This is very important, due to all the unsolicited SPAM calls I get.  I do not return hang up calls or voice mails saying "call me"!  

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All fittings, club building, and repair work are scheduled in advance, often 2 to 21 days.  Generally I'm in Monday through Friday 9am to 5pm (I work 6am to 6pm usually) but I will not hesitate to leave to run an errand hence contacting in advance is strongly recommended.  Walk ins are welcome but there is a very good chance I will only have a few minutes to talk.  Calling or emailing in advance is best use of YOUR time!