Unsolicited Testimonials and Reviews!

A golfer in Cincinnati was on the Wishon forum inquiring to Tom Wishon if he knew me and my abilities.

Here was Tom's response offering reviews of my work/knowledge ...

Mark, yes for sure I have known Bill Weitzel for a very long time on this side of the golf equipment industry.  No BS, he is without a doubt one of the top 10 club fitters in the world and I am not embellishing you one bit.  You'll come away with the very best fit possible, bar none.

Tom Wishon

From the father of a junior golfer in Louisville, KY, that I have worked with for almost 4 yrs now.  One of the top ranked juniors in KY!

Macie is tearing it up with your clubs! She has won all of her last 50 tournaments, it's hard to keep track anymore. She just won an invitational that basically puts her number one on this whole half of the United States, 13 and under girls and she just turned 12 a month ago,  Be up to see you like usual this winter.

Roger B.

Seriously is there anything you don’t know about golf clubs?  No need to talk Friday your suggestion did the trick, high draw, long, long, long! Thanks so much you are "The Man"!  

John G.



I have played about 6 rounds since I picked up my new driver and it is awesome!  I'm hitting about 85% of the fairways and have never felt better about my game.

Thank You

George I.

Hi Bill!

You Sir are a Genius!

Just finished my third round with the beautiful Wishon 919 driver you made  me....awestruck!  Longer and straighter drives than my previous driver.   Even strikes toward heel straight and longer than before.  No more  trying to guide the ball--just take it back and swing.  Center  strikes almost guaranteed.  Amazing!  You have a customer for life!   Next on my agenda is a fairway wood fitting for a 7 wood (Wishon of  course).  Later this year, or early next year.  New set of irons after  that.

Don K.

PS  You can't imagine how happy you have made me!  Only wish I had sought your help earlier.

Hi Bill,

My  name is Justin N, a recent customer of yours. On May 3rd, I drove down  from Indianapolis just to have you fit me for a set of Mizuno MP-25s  with Dynamic Gold Superlite shafts. About a month later, I was working  into my new set. Since then, my biggest claim about the clubs is that  they have drastically minimized my miss - and this is a game of misses.  It seems as though my misses are still acceptable these days. Thanks to  an additional 6-8 yards with each iron I'm hitting about one less club  into every green, without any extra effort on my end. I walked into your  shop with the goals to minimize the miss, add a couple yards, and lower  the ball flight. I've already talked about the first two, but the last  was also accomplished. The more penetrating ball flight has allowed me  to manage windy conditions like I never have before. To say the least,  I'm more than happy that I drove a couple hours to come see you. You're  method of club fitting is refreshing and effective in a world where the  norm is far less.

Yesterday, on July 17th, I played a round of  golf at a course I've never played with my significant other and another  couple we are friends with. One the par-3 third hole I choose my 9-iron  from 147 yards. Spinning it back into the cup I made my first  hole-in-one. This feat I had been struggling to overcome in the 20 years  I've been golfing was finally conquered less than 2 months after the  custom iron set you built came in the mail. That is no coincidence.

Thank  you for helping me reach this new height. Your skill and passion for  clubfitting played a huge part in my first hole-in-on!

Hi Bill,
I  took the new Wishon 771 irons out for my post league play last night,  and I have never swung clubs that felt so right before. I did not expect  such a big difference between these and my old Mizuno 925s. It was  night and day. Thanks again for your great work.

Mike B.

Hey Bill!  

You're  'da man!  Played 27 holes yesterday with my new driver and hit 21 out  of 23 fairways!  The 2 that I missed weren't by much! Love all my clubs  including the irons from you!  You're 'da man!

Roger B.

Bill Weitzel of Conquest Custom Golf has earned my highest recommendation.  If you are thinking about getting the right clubs for your game, then  Bill is the guy you need to see. Please take the time to read my rather  lengthy testimonial to describe my experience with him.

I started  playing golf again last year after only playing a handful of rounds in  the previous nine years. I was a single digit handicapper when I stopped  playing and I wanted to get back to my previous skill level as quickly  as possible. Obviously, golf technology has changed a lot over the past  decade, so I felt that I would benefit from a fitting.

Unbeknownst to Bill, I actually had a fitting at one of the “big box” golf stores  about nine months before I visited him. After hitting a few irons, the  guy put a 46 inch driver in my hands that I had difficulty swinging.  Keep in mind that I am a fairly athletic guy and I am 6’1” and 230 lbs.  The length of the shaft made it difficult for me to “get through the  hitting zone” in my golf swing without casting or coming over the top to  start the downswing. Whatever the case, it just didn’t seem right to me  because it felt too long. When I asked the young employee if they had a  driver less than 45 inches, he replied, “No, we don’t. I think you just  need to swing harder.”

Needless to say, I thought, “This guy  doesn’t know what he is talking about and he’s just trying to sell me  something,” so I ended the session shortly afterward.

I have  never been an advocate that “longer is better” when it comes to driver  shaft length because center face contact is far, far more important.  Most, if not all, golfers will benefit from a club that engenders  confidence; which is to say the club should look and feel right to them  and it should fit their individual swing.

When I scheduled a driver fitting with Bill in late May of last year, I’ll have to admit  that I had healthy skepticism because of my previous fitting experience.  I was impressed that shaft length was the first thing we talked about  after he gather some information about my objectives and my knowledge of  my overall game.

Here’s another thing that really impressed me  about the driver fitting with Bill because it’s the kind of thing that  only comes with experience.  My swing speed is typically 95 MPH.  Conventional wisdom says that I should play a driver with a stiff shaft.  However, the data suggested something in the hitting zone of my swing  that was very unique. Without getting into too much detail,  Bill’s experience allowed him to suggest a couple of other shafts until  we found “the one”. In my opinion, only a very experience club fitter  would have suggested that kind of shaft. Also, my ball flight is higher  than most players so Bill suggested the Wishon 919 head with 9 degrees  loft and 1 degree closed.

We settled on a 44 inch shaft length,  even though I grip down on the club almost one inch.  Like most golfers,  I have good days and bad days. On my bad days, I hit this driver  255-270 yards. On my good days, I hit this driver 275-290 yards with  about a two yard draw. The lower ball flight does quite well in the  wind. I had my first bona fide 300 yard drive with this club (my playing  partner and I estimated 307 yards). Additionally, I played in only one  scramble with this club in my bag and I won the longest drive (of all  things, my prize was a new 45.5 inch driver!) against a lot of younger players (I am 47) with longer shafted drivers. Toward the end of  the year, my game was really coming around and I shot several rounds in  the 70’s, including a one over par 72 at a local course.

I asked  Bill to build some more clubs for me during the winter but I have not  yet played them. I will keep you posted but, in the meantime, I think  the best thing I can say is that I trust him with my game.    



After  playing for over half a season now with the Wishon irons you built for  me, I feel I can report honestly about the incredible improvement in my  game.  These clubs are by far, the best golf purchase I have made.  The  irons are just a perfect match for my game.  Your fitting is just what  I needed to gain the consistency that I was looking for in my swing.   The MOI is not just a gimmick but truly does enable an amateur to  groove a swing.  I approach all my shots now with a confidence I never  had before.  My handicap has gone from a 22 to 14 in just half a season.  Unbelievable! 

Thanks again for your professionalism in club building.  You are indeed one of the best club builders going.

Tom Harris

Bill, as a follow up, I played in a scramble today and my drives with the new  driver that you fitted to me continue to be stellar.  I did have a  couple of bad shots, but only three out of the entire round. And, bad  swings equal bad shots, but when I put even close to the right swing on  the ball, I was dead down the middle or in the right or left side of the  fairway with more distance, too. A huge improvement over my non-fitted  club and a definite improvement over one fitted by another fitter that I  sliced perpetually and put on the shelf.

Not only do you do good  work, you are very nice in your approach and take great care to  ensure that all questions are answered. Add to that fair prices and it's  all win-win.

You have really helped my game and can't wait to  see what the new irons and wedges do for me.  I'm sitting at the window  looking for the delivery truck on Friday.

Thank you!

H. I. Stroth, Jr.


Just wanted to let you know that my new Wishon irons arrived on Wed. (had to  go thru University receiving.)  The clubs are beautiful! Took them out  to the driving range on Thurs. and started to get used to them.  At  first I was fading every shot and then realized that I was setting up  with the club face wide open.  After I figured that out, WOW.  I haven't  had a chance to play on a regulation course with them yet but did go to  an executive (par 3) course yesterday.  Shot 4 over par!  I love the  feel of these clubs, the MOI matching makes a huge noticeable  difference.  Can hardly wait to get to use them on a regulation course.   Like them so well I am thinking about having you build a 3 and 4 iron  to match the rest of the set.  Could you send me a quotation for the  cost of those?

Thanks again,

Tom H.

Two months later ............


Just  wanted to drop you a line to let you know just how pleased I am with  the clubs you built for me.  I did receive the 3 and 4 iron just about 4  weeks ago.  I have gone out to my local driving range with them and  they hit just like the other clubs.  I love the MOI factor...one club  feels just like the rest, just as you promised.  I brought the clubs to  our sons' home in Tulsa, OK and have had the opportunity to play a  couple of rounds here.  It is nice to be able to play golf on the  last few days of December!  The more I have played with these clubs the  better they feel.  Today I shot an 85 on a course that I had played last  spring with a much worse round.  The problem was 4 three putt greens on  the front nine!  All I can say is wow!  I am sure that I will cut an  average of 5 to 7 strokes off my scores with these clubs.  The feel is  great and they hit so easily.  Thanks again.

Merry Christmas!

Tom H.

From a Scratch Golfer ..........

Hi Bill,

The  clubs are fantastic!  I have just played two rounds, but already notice  how miss hits are much closer to the target.  The trajectory with the  short irons seems lower, which I really like.  Early in our first  discussion, I mentioned that I would like to be able to close my eyes  and not know which club I had in my hand... I think you did it!  They  are very difficult, if not impossible to tell apart which makes keeping a  steady rhythm/tempo with each club much easier.  It will take a few  more rounds to really get comfy with them, as you said... but I have a  huge smile every time I pull them out.  They look and feel great!

Ryan T.

Good morning Bill!
I  can’t say enough about my new Miura Irons. I took your advise and  waited after playing some 8-9 rounds with them before making a judgment.  I can only say fantastic!! I am truly amazed at what a difference this  fitting has made in my game. I have come close to shooting under par a  couple of times now in league and I haven’t had that opportunity in over  15 years. Last Thursday night I hit my approach shots to the first 5  greens and the longest putt I had was 7 feet. I shot a 36 so that tells  you how well I putted…LOL! I guess I need a putter fitting next! These  irons combined with my new Wishon driver and three wood and I know I  will break par before too long. I now have that kind of confidence in my  game once again. Thanks so much.

John M.

We  just returned from Myrtle Beach.  I had a chance to play golf, and  needed to rent a set of brand new TaylorMade's, including driver.  I  will take the set you made for me over those any day.  It just really  confirmed for me the valuable combination of your fitting with the  quality of the Wishon clubs.  I actually was looking forward to playing  with the TaylorMade clubs and was disappointed at first, but then felt  relieved because I could go back to my set when I returned home.  Hope  your summer is going well..God Bless..    


Hi Bill,

Just  a quick note this morning after a few range session during the last  week with the new toys. Great recommendation and build on the 929!  Didn’t believe what I saw the first time with it, but had to the 3rd  time on the range. And what great feel. The marketing hype of matching  shafts from driver to fairway is remarkable, I was a doubting Thomas.  Love that both the driver and FW swing and feel the same, talk about a  confidence boost.

The wedge fits in great as expected. Closed  that gap between the pw and 53* nicely. Hopefully it helps in that  scoring position this season.

So the bag is all you now and  really appreciate the work you do. I am a believer of your  fitting talents!!! So much so when the wife gets her last changes  (swing) in and gets comfortable with them, I think she might be due a  true driver fitting.

It is a bit strange to carry 14 clubs, as I  use to only carry clubs I could count on to score and often leave gaps  in play. Now the options are greater. The hybrids also need an honorable  mention as well, the most accurate hybrids I have ever owned (have seen  it on the course this winter).

Take care, have a wonderful year. Anyone that asks and cares for the ultimate set will surely get you a mention.


Thanks again for everything today.   It was a great experience and can't wait to see the results.  

I  was talking with my brother, who lives in N. San Diego, about it.  He's  currently looking to get fitted and get some new irons and wanted me to  ask if you knew of anyone in that area that you would recommend?  I  told him (to the best of my ability) all the things you went over,  how thorough you were and how great you were and I know that is what he  is looking for.  He takes lessons at a place called Stadium Golf in San  Diego (they're were in Golf Digest as well).  I don't know if they are  as thorough as you though.  I know you mentioned you have the online  forum with other fitters and didn't know if there was someone out there  you could recommend for him.

Thanks again for everything.  I can  tell you truly love what you do and will recommend to anyone I can.   Except for the guys I play against, haha!


Hi Bill,
Just  thought I would send you a note about the clubs you built for me.  I  have to say that the club fitting was very interesting and educational.   Now that I have been using the clubs for 6 months (some simulator) I  have to admit they have improved my game.  I'm a 16 handicap that now  sees improvement from time to time.  I have twice shot even par, which  has never happened before, on courses that have a 131 slope 6404yds.  I've also had a 79 on a similar course.  Even though those days were  great I also had some issues with the 5" between my ears that didn't  give such good results.  But now I don't blame the clubs just an old  64yr old body and mind.  But that being said the clubs have been great  and the experience of have my clubs fitted and seeing a difference a  fitting can make is just outstanding.

Roger French

(A very satisfied customer)

The  following is an email from a satisfied customer where we performed an  "online" fitting.  Much tougher than a "hands on" fitting, but  definitely better than buying a "pre-made one size fit's all" set of  clubs.

Dear Bill,
It  has been a while since my last communication with you. While in New  York we were very busy with our business affairs and many personal  issues to be resolved. Then of course our visits to our children and  grandchildren. When I got to open your box it wasn't till the second  week of my arrival. I was very much surprised to the quality of the  material and workmanship you gave to my set. I congratulate you for your  detailed and meticulous work.

Finding time the second week  Nestor and I played. The first few holes was my period of adjustment. I  never played with a set that were very consistent with its weight and  the ease of swinging the club. At the end of my game my notation as  follows; distance wise on my woods and hybrid were the same as my old  ones except my shots dispersion is + or - 10 to 12 yds which placed me  right near the center of the fairway. This to me is a great plus. My mid  irons are longer by 5-8 yds and tight. My short irons bites except on  higher greens were runs are expected. I am very happy and pleased with  it. Thanks again. By the way I played four times while in Long  Island and my scores were 86-82-78-78. With new clubs these scores  doesn't happened to me.

I am in Manila now and I never had the  chance to play. I am busy mentoring the youth and citing the importance  of being educated to their line of interest. We give lectures to the  value of speaking the world language English, as a vehicle for  communication. As Americans I think we owe the World or we are obligated  to partake this humble task with no remuneration at hand.

Take care and regards,

Hi Bill,

As promised after a bunch of balls and some course time, it was time to let you know how it’s going with the new sticks.

Before  I get into the gory details, some of my challenge is all the changes  made this winter.  Worked hard with my coach at GolfTec to the get the  swing ready. Have been working with the Titleist Performance Institute  (TPI) to get my body in better swing shape. And then of course you know,  had clubs built for me Smile

So with all these things going on  and coming together at the same time, that’s a lot of game improvement  all at once, almost overload. Well let me start with just the clubs and  all the voodoo you may have put in them. They are just awesome from a  couple of aspects.
1) Feel is just outstanding.
2) Every club feels and swings identical with ease and (here’s the voodoo) all setup the same.
3)  Trajectory is as expected, the surprise is how well a lower trajectory  (wind cheater) holds the green (wasn’t expecting this).
4) I would like to say something about distance control, I’ve got none right now, not because of the clubs, it’s a trust item.
5) Dispersion is as tight as anyone should ever expect from their clubs, almost scary at times.
6)  Do these clubs even understand what rough is? They cut through thick  lies, like it doesn’t exist (wasn’t expecting this either)

So you  might be saying what is wrong with distance control. Remember those 3  items factoring into my game for this year (swing, performance training,  custom clubs). I’m hitting on average 20+ yards longer then last year  and still don’t trust myself when I should. I’ve clubbed up to hit  shots from the rough, only to clear the green by 25 yards. Each round is  getting better, so I am more encouraged of what these clubs are capable  of when I go out and what I can do with them.

If you can’t tell  the hidden message in here, you rock in building clubs. I may have to  take pause mid-season to really look at my bag and it’s make up (gaps)  to see where it stands, it’s just too early to make that call right now.

Thank you for all the TLC you poured into these!

Steve L. - Columbus, Ohio

Dear Bill,
The  new clubs arrived safe and sound on Friday afternoon and I immediately  went to a nearby range here in Alexandria, and then played a round with  friends on Saturday.  I hit the ball just great, and in particular drove  the ball incredible distances with the new driver.  Must be the yellow Enzo shaft, which by the way drew lots of attention.  The irons  will take some getting used to as I over clubbed a few shots.  BUT, the  dampening effect of the inserts was noticeable, and with the Winn grips  that are after all these years the right size, every single shot was a  pleasure.  Now all I need is to get a proper grip on my putter and I'm  ready for really low scoring. I took the liberty of handing out your  business cards so my friends who do come to Cincinnati can contact you  one day.  In short, I'm very, very pleased.

It's nice to have the fitted clubs and to see the difference in my play.

Thanks again for everything,

George Staples
US Ambassador, (retired)

Hope  this finds you well.  Loving the clubs you did for me.  Qualified for  the US Mid-Am last year using them, best clubs I've ever played.   Was  wondering if you could make a 3 & 4 iron of the new Wishon hybrid  (I'm pretty sure they are 585HI)...   

Best regards,
Garry S.

For  the past year I have had the pleasure of many online conversations  about golf in general, but with the intent of building golf clubs.   During the winter months I like to evaluate my clubs and how they  performed for me(or me for them) during the last season. In many of my  talks with Bill I could hear the passion for club building Bill Weitzel  possesses. It's always fun for me to meet people that have this  particular trait because it instills confidence that you're going to to  get their best effort. The first thing I had Bill do for me was a set of  Infiniti AW-3 irons with SK Fiber shafts. The methods that Bill employs  to make each club is remarkable. I have owned so many sets of clubs  I hate to admit the number, but I like so many other golfers in the  world are after the holy grail in golf clubs. I'm hear to tell you it  doesn't exist, but what you can do is have clubs PROFESSIONALLY FIT for  your personal specs and with a little work start to really improve your  game.  I played high school golf and lettered 4 years in college golf  and have played as much competitive golf as my career allowed but won  one club championship and finished in the top five many other times at  several clubs. My handicap after college has always been between 2.5 to  4.5 index depending on how much I was playing. After my 2007 season with  the AW-3's Bill built for me, my index finished at 1.5 and a 3rd place  finish in my club championship. Nothing else changed, just my irons, I did every thing else the same. It took about 2 months for me to adjust to  the irons, but once I did I felt so much more confident and as a result  more aggressive over the ball when I was under the heat. I have gone on  to have Bill build 2 more clubs(woods) for me and I can't get over the  quality of build Bill produces each and every time. I would  highly recommend for anyone to have Bill Weitzel build any type of club  through out your bag, you won't be sorry.

Brooks Whitworth
Centennial, Co

This is a copy of a letter sent from a previous customer, to Tom Wishon....

Tom Wishon Golf Technology
695 County Road 233
Durango, CO 81301
October 7th 2006
Dear Tom,

I’m  writing this to offer my acknowledgement and thanks for the quality of  clubs that I have recently received from one your authorized list of  dealers – Bill Weitzel of Conquest Custom Golf in Cincinnati, Ohio.

I have known about your equipment for some time and have read your book “The Search  for the Perfect Club”.  Due to our small population here we have a real  shortage of people who have the right skills, ability, launch monitors  or equipment to custom make clubs properly and do so at a price that is  advantageous as compared to paying the inflated prices that the major  OEM’s retail for.

Being some 8,000 miles away and having never met Bill before I went about informing him exactly what I required as I already had a reasonable idea of measurements, swing speed, lie angle,  grip size required, flex requirements flex etc. We communicated and fine tuned these details through several “question and answer” sessions via email. Bill was very detailed and helpful in his assisting me with the right clubs, there were a few minor changes away from what you would  call “standard” measurements in what I required. Bill went about  building me a set of clubs, to the specific detail that we had agreed.

I  ordered  550C Irons  4-SW, 321 Li Irons number 2 and 3 Irons, a 949MC  Driver 400cc and the 515 3 wood, all in a variety if different shafts. A  week or so later I ordered a CLF putter which turned up within 5 days  of leaving Bill"s workshop in Cincinnati.

Depending on time of year and my form my handicap varies from about 5-8, so I class myself as  a reasonable golfer who has a reasonable understanding of what I require, the difficulty has been finding someone who can cater for it with good quality equipment and not “cheap imitation knock offs”

I’m  please to report that the 550C Irons in particular are by far and away  the best irons I have ever played and certainly the most accurate and  comfortable to use. The 949 driver and 515 3 wood after some early  adjustment (particularly to how high I tee the ball up) are fantastic!

I would like to personally thank you for the time and effort that you have put into developing this great equipment, so that golfers like me do actually have a choice when it comes to equipment.

I  would also like to endorse the work of Bill in Cincinnati/Maineville, Ohio.  It is certainly a nerve racking experience spending so much money  via email, and wondering when your goods were going to turn up and whether they would arrive in good condition considering how far they  must travel.  Bill was very thorough in his work, and products were  received in first class order. I would have no hesitation in purchasing  more equipment from him again or recommending Bill to others.

Bill and I had never met or spoken previously, my first contact with him was via an inquiry through his website. Subsequently Bill and I have had a brief chat on the telephone since the initial order placed and as I previously stated I would feel very comfortable using Bill’s services again.

I’m  quite happy for your company to use this letter as reference in any  correspondence if you so choose.  I’m highly satisfied with my  equipment.

Thank you and best regards.

Tim J.

Hey Bill,

Just  wanted to let you know that the clubs you put together for me are  wonderful.  It took a good couple of months to get used to my new irons,  but now I am seeing the benefits.  I have increased my distance,  I am  sure partly due to the stronger lofts than my old blades, but also due  to weight and shaft.  I love the feeling that I can hit each iron the  same swing and get the same results due to the MOI Matching.  My old  clubs had some nuances which made the change over to new irons  difficult.  I had different swings for different clubs.

I  am controlling my trajectory much better, which is fantastic because it  has been very windy this year.  I am also playing much more "punch"  shots.(Three-quarter, low shots that take one bounce and stop) I used to  only do those shots with my 9i on to sand wedge-- now I can go to my 4i  on down.  Hope to hear from you.  Thanks for a job well done.

Hi Bill.

I  thought I would update you on the clubs.  I don't think I could be  happier.  I have been to the range three times and things keep getting  better and better.  Right now I would say that may favorite club in the  bag is the Driver.  I will keep you updated as I go along.  I love the  Mark It.  I have used it every time I have been at the range.  I purchased some low compression balls.  The one that was listed second  on both of the tables from my ball fitting for the two different swing  speeds was the Precept iQ180.  
They are no longer made so I  purchased some on a used ball site.  I sacrificed one while at the  driving range because I wanted to see how much of a difference it made.   It was unbelievable.  The feel was great, and I gained a minimum of 10  yards with the driver.  I know that was only one shot, but it impressed  me.

James Brinker

Testimonials and reviews from golfers who were able to get the golf ball closer, and in the hole!

Testimonials and reviews from golfers who were able to get the golf ball closer, and in the hole!